Charter templates

Integration of the Reuse Agreements to exchange protocols between Cultural Heritage Institutions and researchers (Data Management Plans, project application platforms or the institutions’ own exchange protocols)

In practice, the survey below can be flexibly applied in platform-independent ways in exchange protocols between Cultural Heritage Institutions and researchers,

Institutions who sign the Charter could use it (and expect to use such surveys) in their own exchange protocols. Another direction of future developments is to set up a platform dedicated to such exchanges.

On the other hand, researchers are encouraged to contact the CHIs during the initial stages of their project in order to explain their plans and figure details of transaction together. This mutual declaration can later be a powerful component in their Data Management Plans as it shows evidence for responsible and fair conduct of cultural heritage data, and fair (but also FAIR) research data management practices that are based on partnership with the holding institution. 

As enclosing a Research Data Management Plan to grant applications is becoming a more and more common requirement among research funders, we need to raise the funders’ awareness to the fact that such bi- or trilateral agreements and data reuse declarations among researchers, CHIs and infrastructure providers are crucial domain-specific components of FAIR data management. 

Here you can find the template to guide mutual reuse agreements in the project planning phase in English:

Laurent Romary, Dorian Seillier, Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra. Reuse agreement template between Cultural Heritage Institutions and researchers. 2019. ⟨halshs-03367459v2

(We are going to add the template in multiple languages at a later stage.)