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Cultural Heritage Reuse Cases: Facilitating the Exchange of Perspectives between Heritage Professionals and Researchers

Workshop at the DARIAH Annual Event –

Wednesday 15 May, from 16.00 to 18.00

The DARIAH annual events bring together humanities scholars with a strong vocation for new ways of knowledge production. As a European Research Infrastructure for the Humanities and Arts, DARIAH addresses the complex topic of Humanities Data at the DARIAH Annual Event 2019. On the occasion of this year’s event, DARIAH and Europeana Research have co-organised a workshop to further align the vision of the Data Reuse Charter with communities of practice, and to outline the next steps towards its implementation.

The workshop will focus on the identification of the major gaps that typically occur in interactions between cultural heritage institutions and researchers under different settings.

We will bring together (re)use case studies from the cultural heritage sector presented by Europeana Research and from the research world presented by humanities scholars from the DARIAH network. These inputs could be co-analyzed and discussed together to uncover those critical aspects of the respective workflows where the two perspectives find less resonance with each other.


  1. Introduction and summary of the progress made on the Heritage Data Reuse Charter (Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra, DARIAH-EU)
  2. Introduction about Europeana Research and the Europeana Research Community (Alba Irollo, Europeana Foundation)
  3. Reuse cases presented by Cultural Heritage professionals (Steven Claeyssens, Curator of Digital Collections at the National Library of Netherlands, The Hague / NL); Erik Buelinckx, Head of Photo Collection, Library and Digitisation at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels / BE);
  4. Debate
  5. Reuse cases presented by arts and humanities scholars (Marie Puren, the SILKNOW project; Sally Chambers The Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities);
  6. Debate
  7. Wrap-up

You can follow the discussion on twitter via the #datareusecharter hashtag.