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The 6 core principles of the Heritage Data Reuse Charter are integrated into the ELEXIS framework for the quality assessment of lexicographical datasets

Solidifying evaluative frameworks around scholarly objects and outputs that deviate from the well established units of an academic book or research paper is a key challenge we face in the transition towards the open research culture.

The Lexicographic Data Seal of Compliance (LexSeal) aims to tackle this challenge by proposing a community-based certificate of compliance with best scholarly practices to be awarded to individual lexicographic datasets in recognition of their creators’ self-assessed and well-documented adherence to the principles of trustworthiness, interoperability, stewardship, citability, reciprocity and openness.

These six dimensions of LexSeal taken together describe the infrastructural fitness-for-
purpose of a given lexicographic dataset, i.e. the degree to which the dataset aligns with
best practices and technical standards within a larger network of machine- and human-
readable lexicographic data.

You can access the framework here:

Toma Tasovac, Laurent Romary, Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra, Irena Marinski. Lexicographic Data Seal of Compliance. [Research Report] ELEXIS; DARIAH. 2021. ⟨hal-03344267