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Implementation of the Heritage Data Reuse Charter with a twist: The DARIAH-Campus Reuse Charter

In celebration of Day of DH2020, the team behind DARIAH-Campus released the first version of the DARIAH-Campus Reuse Charter.

Inspired by the Heritage Data Reuse Charter, the DARIAH-Campus Reuse Charter expresses the clear commitment within DARIAH to the six core principles of Reciprocity, Interoperability, Citability, Openness, Stewardship and Trustworthiness, and shows how this commitment is reflected in the design and daily operations of the DARIAH-Campus platform.

You can access the DARIAH-Campus Reuse Charter here: https://campus.dariah.eu/docs/reuse-charter

For more information and context, please find the press release here: https://www.dariah.eu/2020/04/29/the-more-we-share-the-more-we-have-dariah-campus-reuse-charter-released/